Mass Transfer
Mass Transfer

Custom T-Shirt Printing Techniques and Secrets Unveiled!
Digital printing is the most advanced t-shirt printing process these days This printing process can be used to print text, pictures or images, graphics, and clip-arts onto t-shirts

An Explanation Of The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
In simple terms the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient is the percentage of heat that strikes the exterior of a window that is passed to the interior of the home and is a general gauge of the window's energy efficiency The heat gain coefficient is an important measure of a windows ability to block this heat transfer into a building and is critical to lowering cooling costs in the summer months

Building energy efficiency standards for a new show the advantages of plastic doors and windows - windows and doors, energy saving - Hardware Industry
According to the energy sector for nearly 30 years of research and practice in the industry generally believe that building energy-saving potential of various energy channels in the largest, most direct and effective way. At present, urban and rural buildings housing more than 20% annual rate of growth, completed in an area of 20 million square meters, of which 40 billion square meters of existing buildings, 95% for the high energy consumption buildings, their doors and windows of the energy consumption in developed countries 2 to 3 times. In the next 30 years, China will build 40 billion square meters of new construction, the plastic windows and doors ushered in an unprecedented development in good time.

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